Mark Boyd... out with his dog

while out on a hike with the family I ran into Mark Boyd...

it boggled my mind that Mark Boyd lives in Florida in the winter and Breckenridge Colorado in the summer
as a snowboarder/mountain biker I would remove the Florida from the equation
but hearing that Mark Boyd is a fly fisherman helped to explain things

although Mark's dog Eddie is not pictured in these shots
it was a leisurely cruise for Mark and a pleasant walk for his dog
these trails are legal for biking... but not exactly mountain bike trails
this set of trails make the C&O Canal look rugged

the run in with Mark had its small world of six degrees of separation

well... I lived in Colorado for a short spell back in the early 90's
so when Mark mentioned that he lived in Breck I considered playing the name game... but did not bother
as so many of the people I hung with are no longer there
but when Mark mentioned that he was a fly fishing guide I tossed out one name... Scott
a friend who currently works as a fly fishing guide in Breckenridge Colorado

go figure... they work for the same fly fishing guide company; Mountain Angler

Mark also works in Florida as a guide
guiding fresh water fishing in Southwest Florida
fly fishing... or whatever
he is a fisherman
he catches fish

I will have to remember this name... in the future I may want to take the boys fishing... and lord knows I am not capable of teaching them to fish
although being male gives me the right to pretend to be an expert in anything that I have done once

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