Max in town for the weekend... always good to see Max

It was good to see Max
it is always good to see Max
only I do not see Max very often since he no longer lives in Washington DC

I talked really fast because the visit was brief
well... not brief
but rather because I have a lot to say
well... I have nothing to say
yet I said a great deal... a great deal of nothing
all in a short amount of time

we shot the shit

would like to see more of Max
I liked having Max in DC

It is good to see Max moving around to and through so many beautiful parts of the country
not sure where or when I will see Max again
maybe next time I will be passing through his home turf

***OH SHIT*** I should have shown Max the condition of the bike that he had welded back to life
he never saw the painted build
it is a sweet 1971 Colnago that has lived various incarnations in my bicycle quiver

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