a nice blog...

a nice blog...
the author commented on mine
she may have been trolling for readers
I often get that feeling when someone comments on the first photo that they see
especially if that photo is less than dynamic


amazing set of links
fantastic collection of photos


Jim said...

Dude that is an *awesome* story and picture.

Want to trade links?

m e l i g r o s a said...

LOL thats interesting term &not so much my intention at all, but well I did like that photo & it happen to be the first one I suppose.
Anyhow - hope you dont mind I have read your blog often &it has been on my blogroll for sometime now, so. ;)
stay in touch

the original big ring said...

trolling for readers . . . hmmm, that's too bad . . . that would never happen over at the original big ring's site (http://craigbarlow.blogspot.com/), that address again is, http://craigbarlow.blogspot.com/


P.s. seriously, you know I come for the vaaa vaaa vaaa voomness!

gwadzilla said...

thanks Jim

that is a popular line
I am a sucker for such lines

and Meligrosa... sorry if I misread your intentions

I will be in touch