back from the Baker's Dozen... not feeling so good

I am back from racing the Baker's Dozen on a three man squad in the Men's Open Division
it was a great gathering that offered so much that we look for when we sign up for these events

the riding... the racing... the camaraderie

today I woke up at five am still on site
made a mad dash to the Porto John to release what looked like a few pounds of espresso GU/Hammer Gel... not a pretty sight
on the walk back to the my temporary residence within my Honda Element I breathed and felt revealed that I was not going to vomit

crawled back into the car and tried to get comfortable for a few hours of sleep
woke with the speed of a fireman with on enough time to open my car door to experience a violent session of regurgitation
it was painful as vomiting often can be
the acid burned my throat and the convulsions of my body agitated an injury that occurred on my third lap
bruised or broken ribs... something that had me thinking I would best avoid laughter and Wii in the following weeks... to my displeasure the repeated exorcism of the weekend's evil spirits brought me pain that could not be avoided... this time of bodily action is involuntary

ah... there were a few drinks
a number of drinks after a day of physically depleteing myself
but honestly... I think that this is less of a hangover and more of a bug
my five year old son Grant was suffering the same symptoms mid week
while my seven year old son Dean was experiencing similar symptoms at home on Saturday evening

my stuff was packed when morning came
there had been talk of getting lunch with friends... but that was bypassed... getting home to take a shower and climb in bed was objective one

got home to an energized family

Lisa had been with the boys playing the zone defense since I left on Friday evening
I know that she was counting on my to sub in when I returned
often best intentions are not enough
I was useless... racers of 12 and 24 hour events are often useless the day after the event

the tension in the house was at the usual level
I lacked the energy to get horizontal
there was no way that I could break up the sibling battles or try to entertain the boys
instead I sunk into bed and tried to sleep in between fever, chills, trips to the bathroom for diarrhea, and some painful sessions of vomiting into the bathroom trashcan that my five year old son Grant was good enough to bring by my side

as much as I would like to be awarded the ROCK STAR AWARD
there was some drinking
but the drinking was not the cause of this painful behavior
this is some sort of virus or some sort of bug
hopefully it will pass by morning so I can go to work
while there is still the chance that I will have to stay home with seven year old Dean if he is not feeling 100 Percent in the morning

too tired to proof this...
but instead I may try to rant on about a few thoughts that arise from the weekend of racing

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