college bike share programs...

i went to a small college where owning a car was not a necessity
it was a nice escape
but not needed for getting around campus
nearly everyone lived on campus
enough people own cars so that there could be rides granted to make the dangers trips to and from the off campus keg parties

i had a mountain bike but i did not use it to get to and from class
the campus was small enough that the skateboard was a rational means of transport
it was convenient that the dirt paths were paved the spring before my arrival
buzzing the people on foot was not part of the objective... just a biproduct of the experience

at some point in my college experience things grew such that we decided to liberate some of the bikes in the bike room
there was a loose understanding whose beach cruisers were in the bike room
we would pull them out and they would circulate around campus... yes... an unspoken bike share

you could ride to the dinning hall... someone else may ride it back
we rode to parties... some on skateboards being towed by those on bikes
only to find that the bikes were borrowed when it was time to leave
it worked... more bikes would have worked better

bike share
a no brainer

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