these guys rocked the house at Baker's Dozen
although I have yet to see the results I could see that these people were a dominant force on the course

early in the race I got a text message from Wes Schemp... he was approaching fast... the text read "RIDER UP"
I got out of the way... he flew by like a hurricane

then at the tail end of another lap I was passed by Wes' youngster duo team mate Jeb... not sure what I said... not sure if he knows what I said...

Wes and Jeb could have followed Wes' costume choice from DCCX and raced as Batman and Robin!
(if you open the image you will see the cape)

Jeb was rocking it... I wonder about his potential as an athlete... his parents are elite athletes and Jeb runs with this dynamic crowd that has a knack for taking their passion very serious while also having fun with it

always a pleasure to see the C-3 folks
it will be interesting to see how Jeb develops as an athlete in the years to come


Scott T. said...

Jeb is Jeff Banhson; he is national cyclocross champ in his age group the last 2 years running (15-16 I think). He gave Jeramiah Bishop a run for his money in the elite race at the mudfest MABRA Championship cross race back in late November.

I agree, lots of raw talent, obviously.

He, likewise, passed me in a blur in the pines late in the day. He was very courteous about it.

gwadzilla said...

it looks like deductive reasoning would make his father one of the members of the first place three geezer squad

while I am not sure what class his mother was racing in on this day


I am not sure where the nickname Jeb (Jeb Bagger?)came from
but I am thinking it came from that Cult which is guided by local cycling david karash... Marc Vettori

Marc said...

that C-3 tent setup is pretty wild! it's an impressive team all around. nice guys, too.

friendly hellos as they passed me from marc, chris , etc.

maybe in another life I'll learn how to handle a mtb properly!


PS sorry about your crash- chris lost his traction too, and went down. he didn't realize his light fell off in the crash, leading to a bad final lap and our hold on 2nd place geezer...