Are you wondering what to do with that old computer that is gathering dust in your basement? Do you have old, obsolete, or broken electronic equipment? Would you like to donate working electronics to a neighborhood free-cycle? On April 18, 2009 from 9:00am to 12:00 noon, Phoebe Hearst Elementary School will be holding a neighborhood e-cycle in the parking lot next to the school. The school is located at 3950 37th St NW (between Porter and Van Ness).

There will be a free-cycle section at this event so that folks may donate working and/or in-need-of-a- minor-repair electronics which other folks may then take with them. We will be collecting the following electronics for transport to Ft. Totten for recycling:

Audio/visual equipment Audio cassettes Camcorders, digital cameras CD Rom drives, CDs/DVDs Cell Phones, pagers and other hand-held devices Computers and monitors Connectors / Cords / Wire Copy machines Fax machines, printers, scanners Floppy drives and Hard drives Memory chips Network / Video / Sound cards Power supplies Scrap computer plastic and Scrap computer metal Tape drives TVs, VCRs and VCR tapes Video games & Software Unbroken, burned-out compact fluorescent light bulbs Batteries (not car batteries) Printer Cartridges

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Victory Garden Direct Action (VGDA) said...

When we aren't taking over underutilized land for vegetable gardens, we are using dcrecycler.blogspot.com to publicize what to do with more difficult recycling items.