franklin cartoons...

age appropriate
something without guns

tomorrow the boys are home from school
so tonight was like a weekend night

tonight i rushed home from work so that i could go to soccer practice with dean
tried to get grant to go along as well
grant went to the woods looking for salamanders with mom

during practice i mixed it up between involvement with the drills and just chatting with the parents
when the practice went to scrimmage i picked up a Frisbee
funny... i thought it was the other parent's they thought it was mine
my shoulder was sore
two old man a bit out of practice hucking it long
we both made some good catches on a disc that few well on a day with very little wind
an assortment of creative catches with tosses that reached pretty much the other's maximum

when the scrimmage was over dean played frisbee with one of the other children on the team
i hung and chatted with the other child's mom

the kids went from frisbee to climbing trees and dean and i got home to some spicy beef carry out pho from nam viet

it was dark when we got home and getting late
but with no school the following day it all seemed reasonable
now i need to get the boys to turn off the lights and go to bed

totally lost my train of thought... meant to bring this around to the fact that franklin is wonderfully age appropriate for kids with messages that adults should be reminded of from time to time

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