Rapha has managed to impress even the toughest of bike-world critics, including the anonymous blogger Bike Snob NYC, whose pointed critiques of cycling style have drawn a wide audience in the riding community (Mr. Armstrong was photographed not long ago wearing a Bike Snob “Seal of Disapproval” T-shirt.)

In an e-mail message, Bike Snob NYC said he was impressed with a “Fixed Jacket” that Rapha sent him to try. “It’s excellent,” he wrote. “It’s durable, the fit is good, and the pockets are in the right places.” The blogger added, “They’ve done a great job of not only evoking cycling history but also capturing a ‘soulful’ aesthetic that appeals to certain riders.” Still, he admitted: “As a cyclist, I understand it, but personally I sometimes find it off-putting. It’s a little rarefied for me ... I don’t want to feel like I need to be worthy of my clothes.”


ridethewomble said...

Boy - talk about taking Bike Snob's anti-Rapha comments totally out of context, and removing all sarcasm. I wonder if it's the same jacket about which he said, "That's a lot to pay for a garment which is just a pretentious version of the Michael Jackson "Beat It" jacket."

The NY Times Style reporter (stringer?) probably doesn't get that Snobby uses Rapha as a metaphor for status-seeking over-spending that's similar to putting a Seven on top of your BMW SUV, and never riding it.

gwadzilla said...

yes... "pockets in the right place"
that should have been enough

m e l i g r o s a said...

rapha is so gucci'd out.
Hope they remain a boy-club b/c they have no appeal to me, as a woman rider until they bust out the femme line. If they dont, theyre ok too, but Ill have no interest in their lush prices. good eye candy though

I actually thought that guy in the nytimes pic was ethan hawke :/