messy... muddy... morning

rain rain go away...
well... I guess rain is okay today

walked the dog before work
slipped and spilled my coffee

the excitement of the slip may have given me the wake up energy that I was seeking from the coffee
so it all ended up okay

some of the coffee ended up on me... I did not land on my ass so... it was all okay

tried to get my black dog brutus to shake before getting into the house

alas... you can not teach and old dog new tricks rode

my short straight commute into work
as messy as it is in the woods
it is equally messing on the streets

car chaos!

it is interesting... the madness that occurs on these days
funny... it looks like people need to learn how to use their windshield wipers and their car defrost!
if your car is under 20 years old it has a defrost mechanism that works!
there is even an icon so language should not be a barrier
a swipe of a sweaty palm to clear a slot in the windshield is not enough

oh well... I guess a foggy windshield is nothing more than a mask over a blind man's eyes

the car drivers do not see what is around them on a sunny day
these days are no different...
the chaos becomes anarchy... oddly... the worse the weather the worse the driving...
the decreased visibility is combined with an need for increased stopping distance
the chaos is dangerous the roads are flooded with idiots and assholes enough on this...
these people have no concept of the dangers of their actions
the worst case scenario I a bad thing

their driving style is ineffective
their effort to get places more quickly by driving more fast is not working
they are clogging their own path... while blocking mine

enough on this... on with my day

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