I try to respect people's right to privacy
in my photo taking efforts I never wish to make anyone feel awkward or uncomfortable
never do I wish to take anyone's photo who does not wish to be photographed

this is tough...
candid shots and action shots must be taken without prior permission
although I am not sure of the exact law
I think that it is my right to photo people in public
especially if they are just part of the city scape

when I was snapping the top photo of the man in front of the tree I heard some shouting
it is the the first time I have evoked this sort of response
in the distance a homeless man was shouting and waving his hands
at no point was my "focus" upon him
my camera was clearly pointed in a different direction
yet he felt compelled to issue commands to me just the same

ah... the arrogance

when someone has chosen to live in public they have given up certain rights to privacy

here it is these people have claimed this park as their own
made it awkward and uncomfortable and maybe even a little unclean
at lunch people certainly avoid this park and these benches because these spots are occupied
and if they are not occupied... they are tainted

it is interesting
I know that I am more polite to a homeless person than I would be to the average suit
if I am in a store and the homeless person is doing their thing I try to give them their respect and their space
perhaps more so than I would to a business man or business woman

but when I am being shouted at to alter my behavior
well... it decreases my level of sympathy and awakens me to the notion of these people taking up space that is meant to be public and making it private

that is all...
that is enough on that


libertyonbikes! said...

public domain.
unless you're selling the image
for $, then you need a release.
i always feel like some kind of jerk,
kind of akward to ask,
may as well just take it and

m e l i g r o s a said...

that's a good point.
some people seem so concerned about it I guess is kinda hit-miss. oh well there's lots of crazy people out there, I dont blame them.