this corner has changed.... for the better...

this corner has changed... changed very much for the better it is a vibrant part of the city there is commerce there is human interaction there is life I lived in Columbia Heights for a short stint in the early 90's when crack was king our house was beautiful and our block was hard we did not hang out too much in Columbia Heights there was no place really to hang out for me in Columbia Heights Clifton Heights/Clifton Terrace was so hard I would not ride my bike down it on a dare when trying to park in the space behind our house it was common place to have to hit the lights or tap the horn to get the car to move that was occupied by some John getting it on with some crack whore this block was boarded up and declining some addresses had not been active for some time... maybe since the Martin Luther King Riots I can recall this block with the smell of tear gas and burning tires it was madness small children looting with shopping lists on this corner the skeleton of a Metrobus was chard and burned there has been a rebirth to this section of town a rebirth that somehow bypassed Mount Pleasant... sure Mount Pleasant had its housing boom but commercially it has stagnated... okay... the slow growth of Marxs... dos Gringos.... what is now Tonic but was once something else and Radius which was the short lived Red Bean... instead of businesses opening businesses in Mount Pleasant have closed down some businesses have closed down due to the loss of business from the apartment building that burned down all those families gone means a great deal of business gone

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