it is saturday morning...
these images were put here waiting for words earlier this week
but what word should I put on the page
do I go on about my depression caused by my rib injury

the ribs are sore
but worse than the soreness is my inability to do so many things that I want to do
yes I can ride my bike... but only at a lesser intensity
definitely not on dirt
last weekend I missed the Maryland State Championships at Greenbrier... oh well...

it is not so much the State Championships as the race itself and what the effort of racing and competing does for me

to exert myself and to put myself on the line is a good zap to the system
it clears my mind and refreshes my soul

F)CK! I just sneezed! F)CK THAT HURTS!
the rib injury goes unnoticed until it reveals itself
sneezing is worse than coughing or laugh
coughing and laughing suck
but sneezing expands the chest in such a way that the injury is made fresh again

I question my choice not to go to the doctor
partially due to American Guilt... the thought that I can not miss any more work
missed the Monday after the Baker's Dozen... then had a dental appointment the following day
for some reason I thought that that was too much

my post work rides have been infrequent
the times on the bike have been short and low intensity
the injury has robbed me of a certain level of ambition
I have lost a desire to attack
I must get that desire to attack back

this idea never developed

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