there should be a video game... call it CAR COMMUTER 2020!
the game would be based of the 1975 film DEATHRACE 2000 (which I have not seen)

in this game the objective would not be for the drivers to get to work on time
no... that would be as easy as leaving the house five or ten minutes earlier
no... the game would not be about selecting an efficient route where common sense is exhibited behind the wheel
no... in this game the drive will be driven by animal instincts... rage... anxiety... and selfishness...

points would be earned by the driver who could drive in the most obnoxious fashion
double parking... blocking the box... rushing through yellow lights... pushing through the red... ignoring NO TURN ON REDs... and blocking traffic by blocking the intersection

Rapid Acceleration on city blocks would score more points based on the tachometer
hit the red line and score big
double that score by failing to make a complete stop at the Stop Line at the Stop Sign
like a Turkey in Bowling... consecutive trips to the red line and multiple rolls through the Stop Sign will give added points...

then the fun...
Pedestrians and Cyclists are the candy that scores big...
BONUS POINTS! Women and Children are worth more points then adult men... but to score big on with the adult men be sure to make solid contact and take them out of the game
Blue Haired old ladies? run over their blue haired dog and get points for pain and suffering
if it is that grandma's birthday or she is on her way to church... splashing through a puddle can ruin her day as much as running her down
the points for running someone down can be increased by the creativity in which they are run down

there would be different strengths to different characters...

CAB: Limited view... no peripheral vision... tunnel vision
TEENAGER: there would be occasional blocking of the screen with text messages
the player would have to respond before getting view of the variables around them again

from St Paul
Arizona is a bike friendly state!
Portland is raising the bar

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