Michael Vick is released today...

Michael Vick is being released today...


I hope that he has grown through this experience
I hope that the lesson he has learned ripples through society

dog fighting is barbaric

I am not surprised by such actions
as I find in my daily life that people... even professional people... act in an uncivilized manner each and every day


Jason Berry said...

I worked on the show Dogtown with a trainer who helped rehab some of the Vick dogs and the stories were horrifying - no shit. Like sickening. They tortured those dogs and that's sheer evil. While some people think he should be given a new start and allowed to play football and become a millionaire and 'roll model' again, I think he's one small step away from treating people like he treated his animals. Blood lust is blood lust and he needs to either be locked up for life or electrocuted, shot then drowned like his dogs were. While I wouldn't get off on it like he did, I'd sleep just fine if I was able to help in that process.

3labs said...

Thanks to both of you-Gwadzilla and Jason-for making a strong statement. Dog fighting is just what you said:evil.
We need more men like you in the world denouncing this *sport*.