motor scooters...

motorcycles and scooters are one thing
motors on bicycles and scooters are another

not so sure if I am into the motor assist on the bicycle
part of me just feels like it is a poor man's moped
and well... the moped is really not very cool
even if it is not about being cool

today while doing a quick out and back on the Capital Crescent Trail I had a head to head with a brain dead joker on a motorized scooter
it was not a close call
yet I was still offended
the operator was just sitting back taking in the tunes on his headphones as he zigged and zagged between the various mode of man powered motion... bicycles, runners, walkers, and more bikers

it makes me want to growl just thinking about it
I hate for the motorized vehicles to take it to the bike path
the street evokes one level of disdain
while the bike path takes this emotion to an elevated level

okay... old... weak... injured
I can see the merit of the motorized assist
but for the most part... I see these jokers sitting back enjoying the ride
is this better than a car... well... only for this person's pocket
but not for those around them
so many of these vehicles take the path that would be logical for the bicyclist
going faster than a bicyclist would normally go in that situation
without the oneness and the control
not to mention many of these devices may lack appropriate stopping power for the speeds that they are capable of achieving

honestly... if you want a motorized assist... get a motorcycle or a scooter
this mini-moped thing... well... it is not all that
a motorcycle or a motor scooter would be that much more


Anonymous said...

The CCT explicitly prohibits "Motorized Vehicles"--not just vehicles with big engines, all motorized vehicles. The one exception is assist for disabled persons. The prohibition would include Segways and motorized bikes. Call the cops!

Brian said...

A MoCo officer was out on the CCT this AM.

Eric said...

I thought there were exceptions for motorized bikes...