my buddy tom got doored this morning...

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2 bicyclists hospitalized after accident in Annapolis

Two bicyclists were hospitalized Friday morning after an accident in Annapolis, police said.

A person in a parked car on Main Street opened a door into the path of two oncoming bicyclists, according to Ray Weaver, a spokesman for the Annapolis Police Department.

One of the riders was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, and the other was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center, Weaver said. Their conditions were unknown.

The accident occurred on Bike To Work Day, a regional and national event that aims to promote biking as an alternative mode of transportation.


Anonymous said...

Would it be so much to ask for car manufactures to put proximity detectors into the sides of their cars?! They have them the back, because it would be tragic if you backed into a pole or a trash can.

gwadzilla said...

or better yet...

have people be responsible for their actions

all a person needs to do is glance back before they open the door

Grendel said...

What gwadzilla said...at 10 MPH you're moving at 14.6 ft per sec, about a car length per second--the proximity detector is worthless for providing adequate warning.