remember alice? REMEMBER ALICE!

do you remember Alice Swanson?
I remember Alice Swanson...

I remember Alice... although I never even knew her
no... I can not imagine what the people who knew and loved Alice are going through
no... I can not imagine the pain and frustration that they go through
the emptiness within them... the vacancy in their hearts and in their lives
the denial... the wish that it is just a bad dream
that they will wake up and everything will be as it should
alas... no...

what has happened... has happened... we can not change that
we can not alter the fate of that day
we can not go back and prevent this from happening
but we can change the future

what were the contributing factors to Alice's death?

the chaos of today is unacceptable... yet it is the accepted behavior

the parameters of the box have been expanded to an unacceptable level

riding a bicycle or walking across the street should not be high risk adventures
these should be moments where we feel a certain degree of safety and security
yet instead... crossing the street on foot can be like running with the bulls
and getting across town on a bicycle can be an experience similar to prey and predator

urban areas should be for people
not cars and trucks

braille dashboards and selfish assholes

obnoxious idiots doing things without thought

everyone ready to shrug their shoulders and say... I am sorry... yet that apology means noth
ing without changed future behavior...
and that post accident remorse... well... that remorse as sincere as it may be will not bring back the life of the lifeless victim

and for what?
how much time is saved through the aggressive driving styles of the modern age


if a trash truck needs to rush about... well... then the routes must me modified and the deadlines must be lifted
and well... perhaps there needs to be a greater separation between their shift and rush hour traffic
they drive as it the city is vacant... and this is dangerous... the city is not vacant
it is dangerous the way these large trucks bully their way around the city

the worst case scenario needs to be prevented
this did not need to happen

accidents can be avoided
such things can be prevented

I heard that Alice's grandfather is going around handing out these cards
apparently he is going to try and make the world a safer place so this sort of thing does not happen again

gwadzilla archive with mention of Alice Swanson... perhaps worth a look

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