there was no car involved... the death is sad...

a young boy died on his bicycle in a skatepark...
a tragedy
a great loss

a parent's worst fear... that phone call that their child has been in an accident

William Joseph Howard, 13, died Saturday after he fell off his bike and struck his head in an accident at the park.

“It hurts worse today,” Seth Howard said of the pain of losing his child.

He was at work when it happened. He thought his son was going to the movies, then at about 11:30 a.m., he said, his wife called him and said William had been in an accident at the park.

this is a sad story
the comments enrage me
this is a time to grieve not to place blame

there should be discussions about safety
there should be a fight to keep the skatepark open
but now
now is the time to respect this family and their loss

love and luck to the family of this young boy


Gunnar said...

Yes that is really sad. I really insensitive of readers to comment the way they do. Unless they offer support to the family, they should be quiet.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe will is gone, i coached his jv soccer team his 7th grade year and he was the heart of the team, everyone liked him and he always had us laphing at his awsome jokes. he was such a nice kid and were all gonna miss him. I hope the Howard family is okay, with love danny trombley

gwadzilla said...

I fear that the Howard family will live with an emptiness in their hearts for the remainder of their lives

may they one day find peace in this loss

it is truly sad

Anonymous said...

i am really sad for the family of will, tho i didnt know will that much, the three times i hung out with him were the best times i had with a friend. i will miss him. i wish that i could just hang out with him one more time. i am speechless, but i just want to say to the family that will lost will be a devistateing one because he was such a nice kid and friend. i will never forget those times me and him shared.-sean adams