trying to get back in the game...

coach put me in...
coach put me in...

I hate standing on the sidelines
I hate riding the bench

today I got off the bench and into the game
yesterday I had intended to start the late season grasp for fitness

the winter went well with a variety of activity
felt pretty spry in january
then a few months with a mixture of injury, sickness, standard unbikeable or perhaps undesirable weather, responsibilities of life, and some bouts with malaise
those factors... leave me here
are these excuses... call them what you will
what ever they are... these are the factors to guide my strength and fitness to be where it is today

got on the bike... rode the geared Surly Karate Monkey with its fat knobby tires that could have possibly used some air
rode that bike into work so that would be the bike that I would ride after work

the day prior had brought afternoon rain which had me pleased that the skies were clear when I left out of work pretty much at five after five
left out of work and pointed to the Capital Crescent trail
thought that I would have enough time for a quick out and back before freeing Lisa up for dinner with friends in Columbia Heights

not enough air in the tires and too much clothing on my body had me breaking a sweat early in the ride
it was early in the ride that realized how little fuel I had in the tank and how little power I had in the legs
so I tried to spin... tried to spin one gear above where I felt good cruising
time to pick up the pace
trying to chase that fitness
trying to find some speed

the ride could have done well for the camera
there were not that many people on the trail
correction... there were commuters and such on the trail... but not much more
on the short up and back to Connecticut Avenue I ran into Roger Masse, then my brother Marc, and after that I ran into and rode a few miles with DCMTB teammate Dave Vannier... only to wind things down with running into Chris McGill as I turned into the alley behind my house
Chris was headed out as I needed to head in... and then out to walk the dog
just as with everyone else there was a change in pace and priority to catch up for a few minutes

the ride was good... but without any great drama
it was just good to be back on the bike
logged roughly an hour thirty and a moderate intensity
got home a few minutes later than expected
rushed out to walk the dog while Lisa prepped before stepping out the door

the ribs are feeling good... had a very painful moment when I sneezed
other than that things are on the mend
still tender... there are positions and activities that cause pain and discomfort
while feeling significanly better than I did a few weeks ago when I slammed at the Baker's Dozen

it was good to see so many familiar faces on the bike
there will be more post work rides which will give more opportunities to see more familiar faces

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