we went to high school together... well... we were in the same high school at the same time

this is chip...

chip was a grade above me in high school
our paths seldom crossed
we did not share any classes
not sure if we exchanged hellos in the hall

do not really recall him at any parties and definitely not at any of the high school dances
guess I was geeking out while he doing something cool

he was a talented varsity soccer player on a team that was a legacy for state championships
soccer skills beyond a level I ever attained
wonder when the last time he chased a ball was


John Garrish said...

is that chip landis? say hi to him for me next time you see him. i randomly saw him on the berkeley campus one day years ago and waited until he walked by to say "hey chip" just in case it wasn't him. what are the odds? he ended up staying at my house for a few days, and gave me his guitar as i recall. i gave him a ride to santa cruz on the back of my motorcycle. great guy, nice to see his picture.

gwadzilla said...

same Chip...

I will pass on your hello

imk said...

Chip Landis?! Crazy! Pass along my hello to him, too. And he can further pass along hi from me to his little sis Cindy.