24 Hours of Big Bear... where am I on this?

The 24 Hours of Big Bear... where am I on this?

where am I? what am I doing?
this weekend past was the Hoo Ha... that was supposed to be my return to racing after the crash at the Baker's Dozen..
I had been back on the bike and had gone out on a fair number of solid rides
was not feeling race shape... was not feeling like I was where I should be at this time of the year
yet I was feeling ready to get back in the game
coach put me in!

then the doctor put me back on the bench
well... my neck freaked out and a visit to the doctor had the doctor have me pull things back and go into physical therapy

so... where am I? what am I doing?
what is on the schedule? more importantly
what is on my schedule?

time to look forward and start moving ahead

the 24 Hours of Big Bear has always delivered more than its share of mountain biking pleasure and mountain biking pain
there are so many great memories from the races and the action at the race venue
the kid's race... and all else that surrounds that event


crs said...

Come take pics, drink beer and play in the water park.

Barbara. said...

We missed you! There's a new kids race trail through the woods for the kids who can do single track. Pretty cool!

Maybe some swimming (or just floating) would help heal your neck and all. Hope you feel lots better soon.