DCMTB: DC Mountain Bike Team... more of the same... other than NEW KITS and NEW SPONSORS

DCMTB 2009

another photo of the
the team known as DCMTB or DC Mountain Bike in their new kit
from the Black and Red to the Red and White
photo by Joe Foley on the back patio dining area of one of our sponsors... The Looking Glass Lounge

not only one of our sponsors... but the location of our monthly meetings... meetings that are so much fun that we continue them through the winter even if we do not have any real official business to discuss in what some consider the "off season".... I guess this may be my Royal Buffalo Lodge

I spaced out when I ran into the owner of The Looking Glass Lounge sporting his newly acquired DCMTB-Speed Racer Kit and got all chatty when I should have taken his photo

new kits and new sponsors
all sorts of things new
a good number of new riders

a good number of old riders too...
old riders and old sponsors
just as we have continued a relationship with The Looking Glass Lounge we have continued our relationships with a number of our sponsors

my buddy Kent is not just member of the team but also a sponsor of the team with his company Continuum Energy Solutions... which means energy efficiency and energy options like solar

then there is Michael who joined up with his wife Sarah, Michael is a cyclist with who has recently added mountain biking to his wide assortment of cycling disciplines which include track racing and endurance rides with his wife on their tandem... Michael is with another one of our returning sponsors a marketing company called Merkle Inc.

on this night in addition to discussing official race business there was also the hand out of goodie backs from our sponsor WHOLE FOODS P STREET! OH MAN! Our Whole Food P Street Sponsor has hooked us up with gift cards that we use to purchase food for the team when doing the multi-lap races where we camp like Lodi Farms of the 24 Hours of Big Bear.... but this year they took their sponsorship assistance to another level by giving each team member a reusable Whole Foods Shopping Bag filled with an assortment of healthy sports related foods including a large bag of ground coffed called MORNING BUZZ!


a big change in our sponsorship our shop sponsorship...

after a ten year relationship with City Bikes we have started a very different relationship with someone that many members of the team were already good friends with... Jonathan Seibold and The Family Bike Shop

The relationship with The Family Bike Shop is going to be a very different relationship than the team had with City Bikes... the team is already benefing by making orders and bike purchases through the Family Bike Shop as well as vital semi regular parts orders through The QBP!

as well as bringing together the members of DCMTB with the guys that ride and race for The Family Bike Shop... at the Baker's Dozen I rode with young buck Thomas McKay as well as DCMTB Teammate Cargo Mike (or is that cardio mike? that guy is fast... as well is Thomas)

interesting side bar... last summer while still riding and racing for City Bikes I bought my Niner: Rip Nine from Jonathan and The Family Bike Shop

SRAM is also a returning sponsor this year... they gave us some sweet stuff as well as a sweet early season ordering hook up... I purchased cassettes and chains to stock my supplies for future repairs as well as scoring some SRAM nine speed rapid style shifters for my Specialized Tri Cross... yes... my Tri Cross is going the way of my Jamis Nova... RISER BARS ON THE CYCLOCROSS BIKE

Hopefully I did not leave any vital sponsors out...

DCMTB is a local mountain bike team commited to the sport... we not only ride and race mountain bikes but we are also strong commited members of the mou
ntain bike community
Members of IMBA AND MORE... contributing our time and effort to trail maintenance when we can... Currently Joe Foley and Matt Donahue are working to raise money for MORE by racing the H
OO HA... more on that later

enough on this... this could use a proor or better yet a
glance by someone with some editing skills... but instead... I must get on with my day!

DCMTB and all of its members are thankful to all of our sponsors that make our already rich mountain bike experience that much richer... thanks to all.... and my apologise to anyone I may have left out!


Anonymous said...

Is that Illana Knopf in da pic. Is she on UR team?

gwadzilla said...


that is Illana.

riderx said...

I'm liking the new kit. Nice clean look to it.

Glad to see you hooked up with Jonathan/Family Bikes - good supporters of the local MTB scene. They helped us out with our recent Frederick trail work project.