the English Beat

PANDORA has just gone from a little SKA to the RAMONES...

it is like a mix tape from high school
I am loving it
loving it enough that if this next song does not meet my favor I will create a SPECIALS station

Ranking Full Stop was sweet
waiting to see what is next...


what else is good?
what is SLACKER?
what would be the best Application for the Blackberry?

1 comment:

libertyonbikes! said...

still sticking with pandora!
nothing better!
it's impressive when you can plug in an obscure band,
andthen get bands unheard of,
or more obscure tracks you haven't thought of for twenty years.
(that comment right there makes
me realise my age)
now, ranking full stop, i still own that 12",
what about Pato Banton, if you like reggae,
or some 'lip up fatty'
my own theme song,
everyone has a theme song....
(I'm Gonna get You Sucka)