from the sidewalk to the crosswalk and back to the sidewalk again...

the streets need to be more safe for the cyclists

cars need to learn how to behave around bikes

it is not that hard
the obvious just needs to be pointed out

people need to open their eyes
turn off the technology and tune into the world around them
be more prone to hitting the brakes than steering around

a simple application of some common sense and common courtesy and we would soon see that there is room for everyone... at no one's expense

there needs to be some explanation of the dangers of some ineffective driving styles

the approach should happen on all levels...
control the car chaos... make the roads less chaotic... ticketing bicyclist's running Stop Signs makes far less sense than ticketing cars for running stop signs
running stop signs is the day to day standard behavior of the majority of cars on the road
rolling through stop signs is the same victimless crime as excessive speeding and driving while talking on the cell phone
well... victimless until there is a victim

enforce some simple rules for cars and the streets would be safer and more fluid for everyone
cars parked in the NO PARKING/NO STANDING zones during rush hour cause a ripple effect of chaos that could easily be diverted
it is the same people doing the same thing everyday
all of those just stopping for a second to let someone get out or to wait that second that could add up to more than minutes
these little infractions are what causing the increase in traffic that causes the jams that make commutes so unnecessarily long
the bicycle in the right hand lane is not the problem
that car blocking passage is the problem

then blocking the box... again... car on car... blocking the box is not just bad for the pedestrian
blocking the box constricts flow for everyone
yet somehow car drivers are resentful of cyclists but shrug their shoulders at the inconsiderate behavior of their fellow car driver

wanted to write more on this... but got distracted

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