Hands Free? they do not enforce this with the car driver... I would freak if they ticketed a cyclist


the original big ring said...

*apparently* there is a law passed up here in Ontario that states it's against the law to drive with a cell phone. I think that's great. Too many people not paying attention to driving. Makes it dangerous for us cyclists.

I can't even get talking on the phone and riding a bike. Just stoooopid dangerous.

I don't own a cell phone by the way.


P.s. Congrats on your top 50 spot of cycling blogs!

gwadzilla said...

I would like to see a law against cell phone use while driving here in the states

it is unlikely

one of this country's many weaknesses is its inability to put the genie back in the bottle

even it the genie is a wicked little whore!

Alex said...

DC has a hands-free law... but it is seldom enforced. Somewhat understandable when you think of everything else the cops have to deal with.

gwadzilla said...

the hands free law is a joke
because the hands are not the issue
the attention to the variables outside is lost because of the attention paid to the conversation

another thing...

most people with hands free devices cradle the phone in their hand as they drive
while there are those people from the star trek cast with "jawbones"
and those from the old Janet Jackson videos with the headsets

people should all hang up the phone and start a blog!