in a time that people call "back in the day" people called him Squint

back in the day...

people love to say... back in the day
well... today is the day
but in a time that many people refer to as back in the day this man was called squint
or should I say... this man was referred to as squint
his name is steve
he was known as steve squint
an interesting history
an interesting life
an interesting person

a magnificent story teller
who has stories to tell

I remember the day I met him
but this rant is not about me this rant is about steve
steve and his story

much of steve's story can be told through his art

not sure if he keeps a journal
but I know he paints and works in other mediums

most of the paintings I have seen of Steve's are amazing Modern American Folk Art
stories of a moment
actual stories of actual moments
stories and moments from Steve's life

had not seen steve in a while
always good to see steve

know steve for years
knew who steve was for years before that

the stories
the stories he could tell
the stories he tells through his paintings
and the stories he can not tell

if today is not the day
make it the day

back in the day

today is the day
live for now

read this Wiki Page piece on Iron Cross who had a song titled Live for Now
they were not saying that now... they were saying this now
yes now...why?
because today is the day

Iron Cross played with Government Issue for what seemed like every community center show for the years that involved junior and senior year of high school
Mount Pleasant? my first introduction to Mount Pleasant was to see Punk Shows at The WIlson Center, Sacred Heart, Pearce Hall, and such...

and yes.... FUGAZI... but that was much later... much much later

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Lance Lacy the Omnipotent said...

Hey I'm a old friend I'd steves do u have a way to get a hold of him? Thanks Lance.