Into The Wild... Just Watched the Movie

Into the Wild... the movie
I just watched it... well... I watched half last night then half again tonight

a tragic story
a sad story

the book is amazing
I need to read the Outside Magazine article again
the movie is worth watching

INTO THE WILD! on the Gwadzilla Page
it has been mentioned before
the links to that stuff should all be there

okay... there is great stuff on that tangent
but maybe not the Apple Trailer you are looking for

a tragedy
if alive today Chris McCandles would be a year younger than myself
I bet he would have been a good father, a solid husband, and an appreciated friend
that story in all of its heroic beauty is a tragedy


m e l i g r o s a said...

ibeen meaning to read the book. is on my list ;D

fatbob29r said...

Johnny went to my HS... I dated his sister (long before the event). Just goes to show, you can be book smart & not world wise. There were ways out.... a trolly to cross the river was only a few miles away. I wonder how things would be different today with technologies like googlemaps. Sad story for certain, although he was a man, he was just a kid.

gwadzilla said...

a "greenhorn" may be the term that the Alaskan Locals use...

my guess is that most of the Alaskan adventurers are transplants
all starting off as beginners
all starting of as freshman greenhorns

young people do foolish things
I know I did my fair of foolish things somehow I managed to survive

had he survived...
he would be working some job somewhere
more than likely that adventure would just be one of his lists of adventures
not any more significant than the ones that followed

had he died on the kayak leg of the trip he would have just been mocked and laughed at
not a story worth telling in the way that this story has been told

I doubt he would have used a GPS or GOOGLE MAPS

not sure what he used to plot his trip
information was less accessible then
this incident was pre-Internet

Blue-eyed Devil said...

As much as I want to hate the Eddie Vedder soundtrack (don't get me started on early vs. later PJ), I dig those songs.

Flick wasn't too bad, either, though it left me wanting something more.

riderx said...

Read the book, was unimpressed. He came across as a spoiled rich kid who ignored common sense which led to his own demise. I only hope others learn from his mistakes.

GhostRider said...

I'm with Riderx...read the book, didn't see the film. Underimpressed by the story itself -- spoiled kid, bad choices, ill-prepared, etc.; although the book is well-written (Jon Krakauer is a pretty fantastic author).

Anonymous said...

It is argued by some that he was Schizophrenic, as his writings are just like those of someone with the condition.

I've also read that he may have been suicidal.

I took away that he was lazy, ill-informed and meandering. But the movie was nicely put together.

gwadzilla said...

young and foolish...

biting off more than one can chew

I empathize with the main character
he possessed the vanity of youth
that feeling that a young boy gets when he thinks he has become a man

the Alaska Dream was actually a dream of mine
I was plotting my course for the last wild frontier at the same time as this character
but... things did not come together
Alaska did not happen... I altered my course... alternate goals took place of that dream
yet it was a dream of mine through much of my 20's

how would I have gone?

just as vain
just as foolish

I did so many things over my head in my life
took some uncalculated risks
got lucky and survived