maybe Ikon O Klasst could throw together a cartoon...

Photos by Martin from last year

funny... here I am scanning the web for Photos from last nights race at Wakefield
nothing so far... Kevin Dillard was on location last night... but his hands were happily on the grips rather than clutching the camera

great shots Martin!
how did I not see this set last year
some real quality shots!

now... Ikon O Klasst
can you draw up an image of my oversized body huntched over the computer screen desparately searching for images of myself on the bike?
artistic license would allow the beard... even though I am clean shaven now


Blue-eyed Devil said...

No problem. But really, you should dust off the pen and tablet yourself.

What, no link love? The honeymoon is over, I suppose...

gwadzilla said...

I really should...
and I think I might...
it would be good for the soul for me to start drawing again

I want to start a journal project for my older son
which had me thinking of buying everyone in the house a journal
so that we could all journal for 20-30 minutes together as a group!

mine could be images
as I already throw down enough words
well... not really
I have these great introspective moments
but do not get them down
as they are gone when I have the time and lack the energy to blog