Metro is a safe way to travel... well... it should be.

There was a tragedy on the Red Line earlier this week
trains collided
people died

there is talk that it is computer failure...
get your shit right
that sort of shit is not supposed to happen

I heard talk that this train had been retired three years ago...
get your shit right
that sort of shit is unacceptable

this is a full on organization
not some carnival ride slapped together by some redneck high on meth
which reminds me....
carnival accidents are not acceptable either
they need to keep their shit right

the saying "you pay your money... you take your chances"
that saying applies to the games at Midway
not the rides at the carnival
or the rides on the DC Subway Car

accidents happen
accidents can be prevented
get your shit right
these accidents are unacceptable

AP REPORTS: Computer Failure May Have CAUSED (I would say contributed) TO DC TRAIN CRASH http://news.yahoo.com

my heart goes out to all the lives that are effected by this easily avoided accident

may the world help you find peace in your loss

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