on the bicycle... obeying the law is not always the most safe way to roll

I have had words with my fair share of car drivers
"you want to have it both ways" is so often a come back

the four way stop may be the most simple example of a place where it is dangerous and unfair for the cyclist to obey the law
when I stop at a four way stop I am rarely granted my way
normally I need to put my bike and body out in front of the car driver to get my rightful turn
occasionally a car driver grants me my deserved right of way... they wave me on... then I wonder if they will give me my right to take my next breath
I thank them... it is nice to be given what is rightfully yours

even in my car I find that obeying the law is dangerous
at the same four way stop in my car I feel the same way
cars tailgate me on the bike... cars tailgate me in my car
being rear ended in my car would be inconvenient... being rear ended on my bike could be fatal
the complete stop by the car nearly gets me rear ended every time... on the bike... well I do not care to risk it

if cars obeyed the law and gave me my space
then I would consider it sensible for me to be a law abiding cyclist
but no... I am forced to take my life into my own hands
which has me acting in such a way where I am forced to put myself where I am most safe

cars pass me when I am within the limits of the law
there I am to the right side of the lane
the pass me... they take the lane... then they push so far right that I am not able to continue my trajectory to the right side of the lane
so... I pass on the left or sometimes I opt to take the full lane... refusing them the pass
as the pass of the car is not always logical
the pass of the car is not always necessary...
let the car pass me so it can be another car I have to pass when I get to the congestion ahead?
so... I make the decision for them

similarly... when riding on winding roads with blind curves I ride to the right
within the limits of the law... the cars make the pass over the double yellow line
this is an accepted bending of the law
but when I think that it is unsafe for the cars to make that pass I move over more to the center of the lane
making their pass more difficult... why? because I am helping them... they may put themselves and others at risk trying to make the pass
so... I make it more difficult so that they do not put themselves and others... including me at risk
think.... if a car goes into the path of on coming traffic and they decide to get out of the on coming cars way... are they really all that concerned about the cyclist to their right? no... they would wipe me out so that they would not damage their car and deal with the inconvenience of having to use their insurance to have their car repaired

this is how it goes...

I am really not the scoff law that people think I am
I bend and break the law in a similar way as the car driver
except I do not put anyone at risk other than myself
and well... the worst case scenario of me making contact with a car or pedestrian on my bike is far different than the worst case scenario of a car driver making contact with a pedestrian, cyclist, or other car

enough on this
need to motivate and start my day

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