PANDORA: Rocking an ABC tangent...

oh man...

WHAM! Everything She Wants

rocking out to an ABC tangent on Pandora

funny... the other day I was driving my car and this song came on the radio
it is that hard cover of the George Michael tune
I gave it an honest listen
part of me was jealous because I always felt that this could be a song worth covering in a harder rock sort of way
the only thing holding me back was not being a musician

so... I am listening to this George Michael cover and trying to figure out the hero behind the guitar
at first I think Metallica... I pictured James Hatfield... or whatever his name it... I thought how they could pull this off... after all they are the ones the make pretty music for tough people
then I withdrew that notion that it was Metallica and replaced it with Nickelback... some pop heroes of the day... but I was not sold on that
so I brought myself home that afternoon and did a quick GOOGLE

ah... Seether
Seether? I had to GOOGLE them... oh yea... those guys
I have heard their stuff

their rendition is okay
but a little "gay"
gay in a third grade "you are a fag" sort of way
not in a George Michael being arrested in a public bathroom sort of way

George Michael Listen Without Prejudice Volume One is an amazing album.
and no Ikon O Klasst... I am not joking on this one
give it a listen... give it a chance...


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Oh, gawd...what is happening to you, man?

You need some of The Make-up, right away! Clear that shit out fast and put ya right. ;)

gwadzilla said...

The Make Up never happened for me...

when they were in their prime they were right around the corner from me
and well
I was not really following the pulse of that action

I was aware of it
I knew some of those guys... at a hello how ya doing sort of way
but never went to their shows
never got interested in the "dress like a seventh grader from 1979 and roll around on a moped sort of way"

I guess because in 1979 I was in 7th grade
and I did occasionally roll around on my sister's moped in those days
getting a ticket riding one when I was 15