rainy days... there are still things to be done on rainy days...

rainy days...
the rainy days of this season have really taken control of our lives
the trails are too muddy for mountain biking
the fields keep getting closed thus canceling my son's soccer clinics and soccer games

it is raining again today...

today I am picking up the kids after school
I think that after I pick them up I will have the car loaded with snacks and we will head straight to the theater to catch UP in 3D
the boys are already infected with the notion

this is going to happen...
now to decide which theater and if anyone wishes to join us

I am supposed to be taking a break from aggressive work outs due to the tension in my neck
that means no running... no soccer... and no sport level cycling
so... the rain is bitter sweet for me
the selfishness in my makes me feel a calm that mountain biking this weekend is not an option
it also eases the pain of me missing the Hoo Ha... a race venue that I had really be looking forward to racing it
those trails drain well... as do the trails at Gambril/"the shed"
but my neck could not take the jack hammer experience that either venue would have to offer

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

loved it...

did not expect a drama

totally loved it
will watch it again and again when it makes it to dvd

the brains behind pixar are amazing