some randomness...

a shot is of Rob and his daughter Penny...

I am surprised they went the way of the bike rack mounting kid seat...
my thought was the trailer is a better option
easier to alternate between bikes and the kid has their own little world in that low riding bubble

my boys loved the time in the trail
and honestly... that was the best "Stealth Training" that I have ever experienced
a several hour ride pulling a kid or better yet two kids in the Burley Trailer had me riding strong... if only I were that strong today
alas... the boys are too big and have no interest in the confined world of the trailer

we are onto boy's bikes sans training wheels and trail-a-bikes
the days of loading up the boy or boys in the trailer with some books, toys, and snacks and hitting the trail are behind me
above having the trailer behind us we have soccer games in front of us

ah... memories of the trailer
or maybe here...
it was awesome...

the boys would fall asleep in the first ten minutes
thus allowing for many things... control over when and how long they nap for
giving mom a break from the kids
and getting dad out on the bike and giving him a serious workout

I am in deep need of some "stealth training" to get me up to speed

last weekend I cranked it up and down some of the hills of Rock Creek Park with Grant on the trail-a-bike
this definitely has some similar strength building potential!

good to see Rob on the bike with Penny... with a second on the way... he may need a trailer so that he can get both the girls out of the house on a sunny afternoon...

stealth training?
does this mean a come back for Rob and the Mud Flounders?
MUD FLOUNDERS at the 24 Hour Nationals at Big Bear in 2010?

great shot of Dean and Grant heading to school on Wheels Day
Dean does not have Wheel Day... he is just helping out with the skateboard

I never owned a Trail-A-Gator... but I think it would be a handy tool
oh man... hook the kid on to make the climb
let them free to ride where they can!

Rob snapped this shot of me in Holland in 1991
somewhere I have the same shot of him in the same spots
that is his Celeste Green Bianchi Grizzley... mine was a SUPER GRIZZLEY...

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