Sunday Streets San Francisco!

Sunday Streets San Francisco

DC could use some of this!
DC and the surrounding areas!

the streets are the for the people
take the streets back and give them to the people
this could work in DC
it could work to create culture and commerce

there could be streets closed for activities
but there could also be streets closed for shopping and moving about

places where this would work?
Georgetown... Eastern Market... Old Towne Alexandria... Chinatown... or even Bethesda Ave in Downtown Bethesda
maybe the first weekend of the month every other month or something to that effect
like the walking malls of Burlington or Boulder... minus all the dirty hippies

now places for activity?
close down K Street under Whitehurst Freeway and have an outdoor festival by the Potomac
HOW ABOUT shutting down a major road from Capitol Hill to Georgetown
imagine F Street being shut down to car traffic open only to cross town foot traffic
with open cross streets every four blocks
okay.... that would screw up traffic

that is just off the top of my head... certainly people who have thought of this could come up with some rational ways to improve life around the district by attempting some of this sort of action


m e l i g r o s a said...

it'd be great. last year 2xwice, this year 6 times. go SF go!! <3

Jeff said...

DC is getting this. I've heard different streets that would be closed off, I think K street is the most likely one. Connecticut from Florida to Pennsylvania would be great too though.

John Garrish said...

heck if NY can do it for Times Square, this ought to be a slam dunk for DC (which is arguably much more ped / bike friendly to start with)