this could be a good time...

the fourth of july is unlike any fourth of july in the united states
there have been bbqs in other towns on this date
but no one gets down on the fourth like dc likes to get down on the fourth

the mall has always been a mecca on the fourth
in my youth the RAR: Rock Against Racism-Rock Against Reagan shows were a summer highlight

this looks like a good line up for a day on the mall
as the smoke in dot org

check out the line up... HR of Bad Brains should attract some energy and See-I will draw in a different sort of energy

I bet it could be kid friendly day on the mall


Jeff said...

Look for Elliott and I if you go...we'll be staffing the High Times booth.

libertyonbikes! said...

is the mall THE main event for the 4th?
what else is worth seeing on the
4th in DC? especially this year?