the ticketing of pedestrians and cyclists...

in my years of blogging I tend to repeat myself

the topic of COMMON SENSE and COMMON COURTESY... well...
these are themes that I revisit from time to time

when ever there is a buzz on the street that tickets are being issued to either pedestrians or cyclists I can not help but scratch my head

this is like sending a warning out to women not to dress a certain way because there is a rapists on the hunt... HOLD ON! this is exactly what they say... sending out warnings to women not to run alone or travel the streets alone

I understand that cyclists and pedestrians put themselves at risk by behaving outside the limits of the law
but... if the cars were in control... then the bicyclists and pedestrians would be more safe no matter what they do

my contention is that I am no more safe when behaving within the limits of the law than I am when I am breaking the law... or something to that effect
the dangers around me are always present
my actions as a cyclist are to do what I need to get where I am going in the most safe manner

Rolling through a Green Light is just as dangerous as rushing through a red... the color of the lights are just another variable... my attention does not let down just because the light is green... those indicator are only hints to the next action of the cars around me... it is up to me

again... lost my train of thought


Punish the Cars for these infractions... the CITY STREETS ARE FOR PEOPLE-NOT FOR CARS... take the streets back and give them back to the people

stop punishing the victims

some of the worst drivers on the streets are professional drivers
taking away their right to drive would be taking away their jobs!
get taxi cabs and buses to behave within the limits of the law and then expand from there

the next step would be to have Officers of the Law to drive within the limits of the law...

then contractors...
school bus drivers...
and go down the line

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