WAW#1:Wednesday At Wakefield 2009

Wednesday At Wakefield Numero Uno

my first race in the new DCMTB Kit

raced in the Clydesdale Category on the Jamis Exile Single Speed
good night on the bike
not sure if a longer top tube would really make that much difference
but I do feel that this bike is too small for me


Rob said...

Like the new kit. That is always what sucks about a new bike. Would a slightly longer stem help?

gwadzilla said...

the bike is not new...
already put a longer stem on it

been riding it like this for a few years
bought the bike without every throwing a leg over it

had a shop deal
so just ordered it
shopped by price

it was cheap
I am cheap

it does the job
it could just be a better fit

maybe one day I will get a fit kit and know my appropriate top tube length for me and my bikes