the bike lane. a very cool shop made up of some very cool people

I have still not been to the Reston Bike Lane Store
I was excited to get a walk through and a quick synopsis of its green-ness
but... I have yet to make it to the Reston Bike Lane
which is funny... because for Christmas Grant got a new bicycle... which I bought from The Bike Lane
that was done on the phone with one of the owners and then my wife picked it up
that is the bike that Grant is riding now... a Trek Jet 20 or something like that
he is just growing into it... I think I may need to raise his seat again

but honestly... I do not know The Bike Lane stores that well... I have poked my head in the Burke location a few times... but the shop is not convenient to me
so how I know the shops is by knowing The Bike Lane owners and The Bike Lane Team at various cycling events

The Bike Lane tents and The Bike Lane vans have been doing neutral support at local races pretty steady now... and well... lots of problems have been resolved and a lot of asses (races) have been saved! The Bike Lane people are quality people.

I Like The Bike Lane


and my friends over at The Family Bike Shop most definitely feel the same way
DCMTB is now teamed up with The Family Bike Shop
I am teamed up with DCMTB

DCMTB: DC Mountain Bike
Ten Years of riding, racing, and serving the Metro Area bicycle culture and community
the DCMTB identity has morphed over the years
the team has grown with the times
DCMTB is in a good place right now
DCCX is a part of that

shopping online there now...

oh... I am starting to drool
so much cool stuff

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