The Facts about Alice Swanson's Death from Blacknell Dot Net

Mark Blacknell: The Facts About the Death of Alice Swanson

what can we do?
we can be more careful on and off the bike...

I try to remind people that I am a cyclist no matter what
I could be on a balloon trip or walking on the moon.... no matter what... I am still a cyclist
people behind the wheel need to be more empathetic to those in the world around them
granting the pedestrians and cyclists around them their right to space
rather than bullying them

when I drive my car I anticipate the pedestrian and car traffic
the bike path gets special respect
when I see a runner, cyclist, or even a cluster of tourists I act as a blocker for the cars behind me
I slow and grant them their right of way

so many idiots and assholes behind the wheel
and the horn...
when I am walking my dog I often see someone do something stupid in their car
then the car behind them leans on the horn
at that moment there is a transfer of energy
the person who made the danger move with their car loses the attention of being the idiot/asshole
then the person creating the noise pollution becomes the idiot/asshole

dont' be an idiot/asshole.

oh... here is the Police Report
thanks John


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Note carefully the phrasing int eh police report: "The bicycle collided with..."

Wrong. The truck collided with the cyclist (it turned into the cyclist). Big difference, as this phrasing is a subtle way of implying that Alice was at fault. Typical in such police reports to exonerate the motorist through the subtle manipulation of language--can't tell if it's deliberate or just unconscious, but it is endemic.

Still such a sad story...

Brian said...

Is that the police man who wears White Dinner Jackets?
What a sad story is this.

gwadzilla said...

police reports are written by non-cyclists
newspaper articles tend to be authored by non-cyclists...

the eye witness accounts tend to be told by non-cyclists

which often gives a car based bias

and me trying to be cool on prom night... http://gwadzilla.blogspot.com/2009/06/prom-night.html

gwadzilla said...