Fort Knox Five on the Fourth of July...

looking for something to do post fireworks on the Fourth of July?

Fort Knox Five will be making it happen at The Black Cat!
The Black Cat
(I totally forgot that my buddy Jason Farrell designed the logo for The Black Cat)

Fort Knox Five
Fort Knox Recordings!


Anonymous said...

Dropping names, do your toes hurt? HAHA

gwadzilla said...

my toes would be broken beyond repair if dropping names were to cause damage to my feet

that said...
that kid is like family
you can not drop the name of your brother
did you know my brother was the Maryland State Champion in his age group in Cyclocross
okay... I guess people do drop names of family members... I was just boasting about my dad's knowledge on mosquitoes tonight

gwadzilla said...

and if I were not so lazy...

I would be there now
but the kids are just now going to bed

they may be out now....
one is down over my shoulder
I am going downstairs to get a drink!