it is true... Michael Jackson Faked his Death! It is true... Michael Jackson is alive.

the across the street is almost more a shot of the city than the cyclist
this man's ride through the construction area's enclosed sidewalk was certainly more fun than this photo itself
but... photos of nothing are photos of something

a fly on the wall...
I wonder how much of the pedi-cab service is about "the hustle"
I always hate the haggle and the hustle when I travel
fixed price... is fair price
unless haggling for sport

lots of interesting architecture in this city
churches line some of the more major roads

snapping more shots on the move... this shot going up by the Capital Building on Capital Hill
I guess I could have burned the building in better with some photoshop effect... but I am too lazy for that sort of touch up work

ah... Pedro's and Vinny's
perhaps the best sidewalk burrito in town
me... I went for sidewalk bulgolgi... or whatever that spicy combo may actually be
got all salad and no kim chi
my legs are tired
it was a fast march there and back

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gwadzilla said...

the MJ Memorial is taking place right now... the details of this man's life were odd... but we may never know the truth of who this man was and why...