Andy Kessler...

NY Magazine Article from 2005

okay... no confirmation on the death of Andy Kessler

I did not know Andy Kessler
but I heard he died
anyone have confirmation?

that article is worth a glance as the West gets so much credit for inventing skateboarding with their Dogtown scene... while the east had a simultaneous synergy!


Mike said...

you have skateboarding on your site so you got my attention. back in the day, while the dogtown scene was in full stride, there a huge vert scene happening in this area. dave tobin, of toke team fame, was killing it and still is to this day. he was recently spotlighted in a documentary that shows his living room in which he built what looks like a pool/bowl to skate in. i swear we were doing handplants long before i ever saw it in a magazine. there was a dude at crofton skatepark who owned that move, don't know his name. east coast was just as progressive, we just didn't have someone like a glen friedman to capture it on film, or a writer like craig stecyk, who got those great pics/articles in skateboarder for the world to see. i could go on forever on the subject, but this is supposed to be a comment, not an essay.

can't confirm the death rumor.

Eric said...

Sadly it's the real deal. Andy Kessler died following a ~bee sting~. How completely fucked up is that?

nathan said...