Corn Hole? this game from the underground turns out not to be so underground

it seems that people are playing Corn Hole everywhere all the time
it does not shock me that this game is so popular with the frat boys
they like it because they can play it with a beer in their hand
and well
although tailgating is not my thing
I do think I can see the reason why they get such pleasure from playing corn hole

American Corn Hole Association

Corn Hole How To
(with pictures... may not be suitable for work)

the question...
do you let the mail carrier bring the corn hole bags in his mail sack
or do you make your own corn hole bags instead?


gazer said...

It's apparently tradition to make the bags yourself. At least that's what I've learned here in the Cleve. You're welcome to come up and play anytime...

Mark said...

Um, in the midwest, the "cornhole" has a completely different meaning.

riderx said...

Lots of choice quotes in this local article on the "sport" of cornhole!