it is more than just taking the photos... it is not just about sharing the photos

taking the photos is a process

playing with the images on the computer is a process

uploading the edited images onto the page is yet another process

the process of taking the photos can be many things
in many ways the time with the camera is the most fun part of the process
but that is nothing without the pleasure of seeing what images were captured that day
the answer to that question as to whether or not I captured the moment as I wanted to capture it

the photo taking process connects me with the city while also removing me from the city
at times I am an observer rather than a participant
other times I move in sync with the road around me capturing moments in time

there are times when the photo process can be social
at these times I can fulfill various questions
who is this person? what does their voice sound like?
if I have seen this person before... which often I have... I get to check to see if these people were anything like I imagined... usually they are nothing like who I had imagined

some people I see over and over again and enjoy that we have become friends
a friendship based off that first meeting
that first meeting being the approach with the camera

the photo process can be an escape
the capturing of the image and the playing with the image
I can get lost in the process
I enjoy the process

photos are snapped when I am on the move
whether moving at lunch on foot
or headed to and from work
I am moving... the city is moving around me
the cyclists are there... but not always close enough to catch
like a fish jumping causing a splash on the other side of the pond

on the move there are various issues
safety being one of those variables
do I ride ahead or do I roll along side
how intrusive do I get with the camera?

candid is part of the process
stealth is not always an option

along side can have a greeting and an exchange
then the request
sometimes it is best to just take the picture and keep moving
this is a situation where it may make more sense to apologize and explain than to ask and get the no
people are pre supposed to say no without ever hearing the question

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