Johnny Ray aka Mickey

this is Johnny Ray...

I am not sure who snapped this shot in Dupont Circle in the mid 80's
it was taken long before digital... back in the days of film
more than likely a college art student

I think I have a million and one stories that involve Johnny Ray
some of them worth telling...

years ago...
after Johnny Ray migrated from Washington DC to San Francisco I got the a wild idea
I decided to ride my motorcycle cross country... actually I sold my GS55oe and got a KZ750
so I did not just ride my motorcycle across country I sold one and bought another
so there was some planning... but not much

there was a map and some friends along the way... but not much more
no firm plans as planning has never been a strength of mine...

I did not know how long it would take or how much it would cost
I just got someone to rent my room in a Columbia Heights group house... threw some panniers on the bike and zig zagged my way across the country

when I got to San Francisco I settled in with a friend in Berkley before contacting Johnny Ray
my delay in contacting him caused me to miss the first Lollapollosa
Johnny had my ticket
in this era before cell phones contact was not so easy to make
if I recall contacting Johnny Ray involved contacting his sister... so she had to be found and then she had to find him

okay... I guess that is not much of a story
not so sure it was worth telling
yet I am certain that there are some stories worth telling

OUT OF PRINT on youtube can explain how things happened differently back then...

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