Kira was Badass!

I will admit that the Henry Rollins era of Black Flag was my era
DAMAGE was the record
nothing after impacted me the same way
but I still followed through on with MY WAR and SLIP IT IN
then onto some Rollins stuff

never following it that closely
but always stoked if I happened to be around to catch the shows
saw Black Flag at old old 9:30 a number of times
there is a scar on the back of my head from when Henry kicked me as I I did a stage dive at Pearce Hall
that show had energy
the opening band played nude with cock rings and behaved in an offensive manner to properly prime the crowd
it was a good way to get things going
it was gasoline on the fire

sadly when the volume gets turned up to eleven there can be some backlash
someone broke the stall in the bathroom
that may have effected future use of Pearce Hall for shows

in high school we used to go down to DC Space to see a young Henry Rollins do his spoke word thing
it was nothing more than a guy in a mall room telling his story to a bunch of kids
sometimes Ian would pop in and they would to a little variety show back and forth
since some of the early stories involved their working together at Animal Hut or Hagen Das

it is all very funny to think back

DC is an artistic town with its own color and its own culture

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