Mount Pleasant Survey (if you are a MTP resident or neighbor please participate)

the other day on a short weekend ride I rant into Jack McKay
the camera was in my pack and not around my neck so no photos were taken
we talked as we rode
at 67 Jack held a good pace on the rolling hills of Rock Creek Park

further testing is needed... but I feel that there was extensive drag created by the excess of socks
as said... further testing is needed
we may need to put him out on the road in some socks with less material

in our ride I struck up conversation...
there was a touch on the topic of the need to REVITALIZE THE MOUNT PLEASANT STRIP
we were in agreement that things did not flourish as they should have
some of this in part by a few former members of the ANC and neighborhood who were reactionary
objections to liquor licenses... refusal to allow sidewalk cafes... and the banning of music in Mount Pleasant all acted not only to slow growth on this main street
but to allow a regression
there are far too many vacant residential spaces on Mount Pleasant Street!

Washington DC Office of Planning
www dot planning dot dc dot gov
please take this survey to try and aid the direction of Mount Pleasant Street
Mount Pleasant Revitalization Plan Survey (it only takes 35 seconds)

Jack McKay a dedicated member of the Mount Pleasant ANC
I may not always agree with him
but I will always respect his dedication
Jack McKay's Page

that photo of Jack with his trademark socks was taken at another time

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