TA: Through Axles and Large Discs!

The Fisher Rig

I hear that the 2010 FISHER RIG will come stock with a Through Axle and large disc braking power
that was not industry talk
that was chatter shared in the woods between two people who do not know what is happening in the industry these days
or on any day for that matter

I am thinking of thinning the herd
that of course... in an effort to get another bike
not sure how to play it
a bike out of the box is my usual plan of attack

the surly karate monkeys were the only bikes in my many bike history that were not bikes out of a box
and well... the Karate Monkey build through QBP is pretty close to a bike out of a box

not sure what I would get... ready to retire the Monkeys

there had been some consideration of riding/racing a mountain bike frame built by my friend Matt
the one man assembly line is slow
not sure what the rate of production is at the moment
also not entirely sure where I sit in the queue

before I make a purchase there are some Frankenbike plans
and of course... there should be the replacement of Lisa's bike... we should just buy her something
we are torn on mountain bike or urban bike
I think she should just get a solid mountain bike so she can hit dirt when she wants to
then deal with the weight and the resistence on her urban rides... which will more than likely be short and sweet with the kids

Lisa's bike got stolen a year ago
she still has her old pre-Trek Fisher Hoo Koo-E-Koo
that bike is old and tired and never really that much in its day
that bike has a flat... that bike needs to be replaced

what bike?
hmmm.... what does The Family Bike Shop carry?

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