Ticketed for Headphones... what are the laws? what is fairly enforced?

a friend of mine got a ticket for wearing headphones while cycling on the GW Parkway...
what is the law here?

what is fairly enforced?

I can recall seeing Police in Boulder Colorado ticketing cyclists for speeding or wearing headphones on the bike path... and that was decades ago

DC has a "hands free" law for those who wish to drive and chat on their cellular phone
most people are holding their "hands free" devices while driving
and well...
we recently learned that it is not the distraction of the hand that causes the risk
but the distraction of the brain
and well... it is equally dangerous for a person to drive with the "hands free" device as it is to drive with the phone held to the ear by hand

I am not a fan of headphones on the bike
but I can see in a remote location they could have their merit
I know I have used them to give me energy on long rides/tours

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Meredith said...

Biking down to work one day (yes, south on 16th St) I'm coming to a red light at Florida Ave so of course I slow my roll to see if cars are coming. There are also 2 or 3 cyclists doing the same. I see a van moving pretty slowly so I wait for it to hurry on up. Just as the van enters the intersection, one of the cyclists starts going. I yell "whoa whoa whoa!" and she stops just as the van was about to nail her. Van swerved luckily to avoid hitting her. I tell the "Maybe you shouldn't ride with those things in your ears." She responds by saying that she can hear just fine and I'm just like "Its not the hearing but the distraction." And she says some crap and I just say "Look, I'm just looking out for your safety and the safety of the rest of the road users." And then I took off.

I know some couriers who ride with ear plugs. I think it is an unnecessary risk and personally, sensory overload.